The Academy was the place where Plato taught. Today it indicates a permanent association, governed by a statute, that wants to promote literature, science and art, supporting study and training.

The National Academy of Tailors wants to protect, perpetuate and teach the art of tailoring. And it does so thanks to the figure of the Academician, guardian of tradition who wants to put knowledge, technique and style at the service of the new generation, who will become the new Masters of the future.

The Master Academicians are divided into senior and junior.

Senior Academician

Being an Academician is both an honor and a duty. A prestige that only a few selected master tailors can achieve.

The appointment as Academician takes place after an in-depth examination of the merits acquired during one's working life.

In addition to the professional reputation, other aspects are considered as the results achieved: the passion one puts in the work of tailor and the training action exercised over the years towards new and young colleagues.

To become an Academician, once you are sure you have all the characteristics required, you must contact the Academy Operational Secretariat, which will provide all the necessary information and will follow the candidate's admission process step by step.

    Junior Academician

    Only by teaching one becomes a junior Academician. This is why it is essential for the Academy to encourage the new generation of the Italian tailoring scene.

    In this way, we also want to create a generational change, allowing young talented people to grow, train and establish themselves on the national tailoring scene. The Academy wants to create an intergenerational exchange of both knowledge and experience. Only in this way, the perpetuation of the Italian sartorial art will be possible. The opportunities the Academy offers to young people under 35 are many, including training courses and competitions for new craft businesses.

    It is possible to be informed and to receive all the news on the activities of the Academy by filling out the form. The Operational Secretariat is available for any request and further information