“Stile Sartoriale” is an annual event that celebrates Italian tailor-made craftsmanship, represented by the National Academy Master Tailors. The 2021 edition took place from the 16th to the 18th September in Rome, with a rich timetable made of events and meetings.

Le Forbici d'Oro

In the 3 days of activity of the Stile Sartoriale event the “Forbici d’Oro” competition at its 70th edition took place with a new mixed jury made up of great national masters and great international tailors, such as Lorenzo Cifonelli (Cifonelli - France), Dario Carnera (Huntsman - England) and Calvo De Mora (De Mora - Spain).

During the Gala dinner on Saturday 18th, after the catwalk show of their dresses, the following winners were announced:

The Exhibition

An exhibition of historical garments made by academic masters of the past 7 decades was set up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the “Forbici d’Oro” Award. A journey back in the style, taste and technique of the Italian tailoring world. The exhibition was then enriched with garments from historic theatrical tailors and from the archives of great stylists. The exhibition will soon be permanently hosted in the Academy Halls.

The Conferences


The conference "The Future in your hands. The enhancement of craftsmanship through digital, sustainability, export and training " took place on the 17th September. It was an opportunity to discuss the future of the Italian tailoring world with the institutions. Moderated by the journalist Stefano Zurlo, the following intervened: Gaetano Aloisio (President of the National Academy of Tailors) MP. Maria Soave Alemanno (X Production Activities Commission - Chamber of Deputies) Sen. Maria Alessandra Gallone (13 ^ Territory and Environment Commission - Senate of Republic) Lorenzo Tagliavanti - President of the Rome Chamber of Commerce Marta Leonori - Lazio Regional Councilor - Economic Development Commission, Production Activities Deputy Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin (Ministry of Economic Development) Antonio Tajani - former President of the European Parliament and Vice President of the Partito Popolare Europeo During the meeting, a letter by Minister Roberto Cingolani (Transizione Ecologica) on the topics of the conference was read.


On 18th September 2021, again at Villa Malta, it took place a conference on tailoring training. "The way to success: the school of the National Academy of Tailors" was the theme. The speakers were moderated by Alfredo de Giglio (communication manager of the Academy): Gaetano Aloisio (President of the National Academy of Tailors) Professor Cinzia Capalbio (Professor of History of Fashion - La Sapienza University) Massimiliano Maselli (Councilor of the Lazio Region) Fabio Pietrella (President of Moda Confartigianato) Gian Matteo Mellerio (Loro Piana) Franz Botré (Director of Arbiter) Ettore Piacenza (President of the Unione Industriale Biellese) Lorenzo Cifonelli Dario Carnera Calvo De Mora


The final act of “Stile Sartoriale 2021” took place in the evocative setting of the Casino dell'Aurora Pallavicini. The senior Masters presented some outfits on «The elegant man according to the Academy». Naturally, each male garment was joined by a female one.

Then it was the Junior Academicians’ turn.

Finally, the garments made for the Forbici d’Oro by the 12 participants in Forbici d’Oro Contest 2021.

Premi speciali

Trofeo Accademia
The “Trofeo Accademia” is the most important award of the National Academy of Tailors dedicated to prominent personalities from the business, institutional and entertainment world who embody some of the fundamental characteristics of Italian tailoring. This year we have identified three particular prerogatives: elegance, sobriety and consistency. These characteristics are perfectly represented by both private and political life of Antonio Tajani, former President of the European Parliament and current Vice President of the Partito Popolare Europeo. For these reasons, we are honored to assign the “Trofeo Accademia 2021” to him.

Vita da Forbici d’Oro

The “Vita da Forbici d’Oro” Award was assigned to Giuseppe Caristo of Turin, for having always dedicated his life with perseverance and devotion to the art of tailoring. Caristo won the Forbici d’Oro Award in 1966, at only 26 years old.